Copy and Paste Screens into an Activity

Are you working in Activity Builder and want to copy a screen from another activity?  Screens can be copied and pasted directly from the Activity Landing Page (ALP) into an activity you're creating.   

From the Activity Landing Page where you access student preview, select the screen you want to copy.


Select the icon next to the words "Student Screen Preview" or use your copy keyboard shortcut. 


Please note:  If you do not see this icon, the activity may contain features that are not publicly available and cannot be copied.

Now this screen is available to paste into Activity Builder. Open the activity you're creating and use your paste keyboard shortcut to insert this screen into your activity.



If you'd like some screens to help you get started with your own activity, check out our Starter Collection at 


Please note:  You can also copy and paste screens if you're working between two activities in edit mode.


Select the screen you want to copy.



Select the activity you want to paste the screen into.  


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