Saving Graphs as a PDF

For printing help, check out our article on printing graphs. Printing and saving graphs as a PDF are not available on mobile devices. 

For best printing, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser. Start by clicking the Share icon in the upper right hand corner and then select Print.


The graph will show on the first page and the expression list will start printing on the following pages. To save the graph as a PDF, you'll need to change the destination of the printer to "Save as PDF". Depending on browser and device specifications, the print page will look different.


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    Andrew Chalmers

    It'd be nice to save the graph as an actual PDF (vector graphics file). Doing it the way described above will still rasterise the graph. 

    Edited by Andrew Chalmers
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    +1 for vector graphics, PS / EPS / PDF / SVG, whatever. This service is truly amazing, with a very intuitive interface. But to actually use the graphs outside the computer (i.e. print), vector graphics are critical.

    Edited by Danny
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