Desmos Test Mode

Where can I download Desmos Test Mode? 

You can find our Test Mode apps at the App Store (Desmos Test Mode iPad App) as well as the Chrome App Store (Desmos Test Mode Chrome App).



What is Desmos Test Mode?

Desmos Test Mode is a restricted version of the free Desmos Graphing Calculator. Desmos Test Mode (Chrome App) differs from the browser version in that it disables specific features for testing purposes. A comparative, but not exhaustive, list is below:

Feature Web Version Test Mode
   Example Graphs (example) yes no 
   Saving & Sharing  yes no
   Add Image yes no
   Account Management yes no
   Computations (example) yes yes
   Tracing, Points of Interest (example) yes yes
   Tables of data yes yes
   Default: Radians yes no
   CAS Capabilities no no

 This app is also available for use offline; no internet access is required to use the app after it has been downloaded.



How to download and install Desmos Test Mode (Chrome App)

1.) Open the Chrome Web Store in the Google Chrome Browser.

2.) Search "Desmos Test Mode" or use this link to navigate directly to the app page.

3.)  Click the Add to Chrome button.

The Desmos Test Mode app will be accessible from the Chrome App Launcher.



Using Desmos Test Mode in Kiosk Mode on Chromebooks

Kiosk Mode on Chromebooks can be used by administrators to lock devices to a single app, restricting students from navigating to other applications or webpages. Kiosk Mode is enabled differently depending on whether your devices are Managed Chromebooks or Unmanaged Chromebooks. (Check to see if your Chromebooks are managed.)

For more information on how to enable Kiosk Mode, check out Google's Use a Chromebook as a kiosk or Using Chromebooks for Online Student Assessments support resources. 



Can Desmos Test Mode be used on devices other than Chromebooks? 

Yes! Google Chrome Apps are accessible on OS X, Linux, and Windows desktop operating systems if the Google Chrome Browser is installed. If your students don't have access to Chromebooks, there are many applications and system settings that can be used on other devices to lock students to a specific app. Have any recommendations? We'd love to hear them - you can email us at

To access Desmos Test Mode on ipads, download the Desmos Test Mode iPad App from the App Store.

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    Martin Cardenas

    Do we know when connecting points feature will be available on the test version?

    Thank you.

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