Desmos Test Mode

To help students and teachers prepare for these assessments—and to support delivery of lower-stakes tests and quizzes in classrooms—we've developed a suite of Test Mode apps. You can find our Test Mode apps at the App Store (Desmos Test Mode iOS App) as well as the Chrome App Store (Desmos Test Mode Chrome App).

Desmos Test Mode differs from the browser version as specific features are disabled for testing purposes. A comparative, but not exhaustive, list is below:

Feature Web Version Test Mode
   Example Graphs (example) yes no 
   Saving & Sharing  yes no
   Add Image yes no
   Account Management yes no
   Computations (example) yes yes
   Tracing, Points of Interest (example) yes yes
   Tables of data yes yes
   Default: Radians yes no
   CAS Capabilities no no

 This app is also available for use offline; no internet access is required to use the app after it has been downloaded.


Learn more about using Test Mode.


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