Tips for Teachers

Tips for Teachers gives teachers advice on how best to implement an activity on a screen by screen basis. There are many ways to see these tips.

Tips for Teachers on an Activity Page


If a screen has a Tips for Teachers statement available, you'll see a lightbulb icon in the upper right hand corner. Clicking on the screen will open a student preview with the teacher tip at the bottom.



Tips for Teachers on the Teacher Dashboard

For easy access while teaching, Tips for Teachers are also available in the teacher dashboard. Simply navigate to the screen you'd like to view the tip for, and click on Tip for Teachers button in the bottom right hand corner to view the description.



 Adding Tips for Teachers to Your Activities 

You can add a "Tips for Teachers" section to a screen on your activity by clicking on the "light bulb" icon in the upper right hand corner when you are editing your activity.

Type your tip into the text box. You can even include formatted math by clicking on the "f(x)" button. Press "Done" when you're completed. 


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