Changing the Viewing Window

You can change the viewing window to better fit the data you're looking at. For making easy adjustments while accessing Desmos in the browser, you can use the plus and minus signs to zoom in and out, respectively, on the coordinate plane. You can also use the house icon to go back to the default viewing window which is pre-defined depending on the screen size.



To zoom in and out on mobile devices, you can pinch the screen. It's also possible, only on mobile, to zoom in and out on a single axes by touching two fingers to the axis and pinching.


For more extensive data, you may find it easier to manually adjust the domain and range of the viewport. To do so, click on the wrench to open the Graph Settings menu and choose which axis you'd like to adjust.


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    Scott Kreidler

    Have you considered adding single-axis zoom functionality to the website?

    Currently in Chrome, in addition to the buttons explained above, a mouse scroll wheel will zoom in and out around the position of the mouse pointer. However, being able to do a single-axis zoom (with clickable buttons and/or scroll wheel) would be very helpful with certain asymmetrical graphs.

    Perhaps the + and - buttons could have a hover popout that offers x-only and y-only zooming? Something like this, maybe?

    As for mouse zooming, perhaps an Alt- or Ctrl- or Shift-scrollwheel for the one-axis zooming?



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    Curtis Rey

    What Scott said.  Single axis zoom in Chrome would be awesome!

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    Dave Zimmer

    Being able to change the aspect ratio quickly, easily, visually is something that I miss here. I use Desmos extensively in my math classes, and it's kind of a drag to have to manually type in new numbers for x and y limits to view a graph over a large domain/range. I love Scott's idea. I was thinking maybe a location sensitive area on the screen, for example a small square a few pixels wide over the x/y axis labels where a mouse point and wheel zoom would zoom only one axis in or out.

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