Point Discontinuity (Open Point)

We don't automatically graph points of discontinuity for a variety of reasons, but we'd like to in the future! In the meantime, you can add an open point manually.


Try graphing the point on a separate expression line. To change the point from closed to open, click and long hold the icon next to the expression. The style menu will appear.



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    ליאו זק

    Is it possible to give a point a name? like A or B..?


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    Yes, "show label" checkbox underneath point definition.

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    Very useful. Thanks!

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    Mike Greenberg

    Does Desmos have any concrete plans to add points of discontinuity to graphs automatically in the near future? This would be tremendously helpful when teaching students that the graph of a "simplified version" of a rational function is the same as the graph of the original function, except with point discontinuities. Adding it in manually makes it harder for the students to understand that it was there the whole time.

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    Yehuda Turniansky

    I've found that if you make a line that "intersects" the point of discontinuity, it specifically doesn't show the point where they intersect. Like if the line had a point of discontinuity at x=3 and you also graph the line of x=3, it won't show a point of intersection.

    Maybe this could be useful to you, Mike Greenberg.

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