Adding Math Text to Activity Builder Screens

You can add beautiful, formatted math text to write equations, numbers, and more to Activity Builder screens. To get started, add a "Note" to a screen. Select the "f(x)" button in the bottom right hand corner. 


This will bring up a text box for you to enter your math text. You can type just as you do in the calculator. For example, typing y=x^2 will yield this:

Press enter after you're done entering your equation. The equation will be enclosed in `` tags. Do not remove those tags or the math text will be removed and replaced with plain text. Click "Done" after you have completed your note.


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    Jean Adams

    How can we add calculus notations to an input panel. Is there an equation editor somewhere?

    Thanks, Jean

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    Team Desmos

    Hi Jean! Thanks for your question. Some calculus notation is currently supported (e.g., try typing int or f'(x) or d/dx). Other notation is not (yet) supported (e.g., lim). Stay tuned for more updates!

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    What about square roots and bases of logs?

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    matt watson

    In a note, I'd like to add an expression involving a limit, such as `\lim_{\Delta x \to 0}\frac{F(x)}{\Delta x}`. Is there a way we can access raw $\LaTeX$?

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    Samigo Andrealo

    Hi, Desmos - Can you add limit in your Graph Editor?

    Ex:    lim(x)x->0

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