Copy Previous Graphs in Activity Builder

Student work can now be carried forward in Activity Builder graph screens. To show work from a previous graph, add a graph screen, choose the dot menu and then "Copy Previous".

Graph states can only be carried forward from the most recent graph. Check out Activity Builder to see Copy Previous in action!

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    Nancy Taylor

    When using this procedure I cannot get the copy previous pop-up to go away unless I select No THanks.  So I cannot copy the previous graph.

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    Annemarie Newell

    @Nancy Taylor

    I noticed that too.  I figured out that when I hit copy previous graph and that pop up appears, it is actually copied and will work when you go through the activity.  You just cannot add or change anything to that previous graph once it's copied.  

    I wish you could.  I want a way for the students to see what they previously did, but be able to add on top of it with other functions or points.

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    I'm trying to copy not just one student, but the whole classes graphs onto the next screen.  Anyone know how?  Thanks!

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    Jules Bonin-Ducharme

    How can I copy a previous graph into the graph of the Sketch widget on the next screen?

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    Emil Munthe

    I would like to capture a picture of a cardsort activity, is that possible or is it only the graph which is supported?

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