To use summation, you can find sigma in the Desmos keyboard (under FUNCTIONS and then misc) or by typing "sum":


If you populate the upper and lower bound, Desmos will output the summation answer.

You can also put a parameter for the upper and/or lower limits:

If you'd like to learn more about summation, check out the Summation page at Learn Desmos:


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    Why can't I use a_n to represent a_0 at n=0 or any other n value?

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    Daniel Mourad

    Anthony, just use a function a(n) instead.


    My problem is that Desmos seems to quit when computing a sum without telling me that it has quit! 

    Edit: Nevermind, I was just being sloppy: I defined the piecewise functions I was summing over with <'s instead of <='s!

    Edited by Daniel Mourad
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