Graphing Asymptotes

It's difficult for us to automatically graph asymptotes for a variety of reasons. However, we hope to have this feature in the future! In the meantime, it's possible to create an asymptote manually.


 Start by graphing the equation of the asymptote on a separate expression line. To change its styling to a dotted line, click and long hold the icon next to the expression. The style menu will appear. 




Pro-tip: For repeating asymptotes, try using lists to save time. 




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    Here is a unique creation of mine using asymptotes. 

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    Mr. Fuzzypants

    what's it supposed to be?

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    I have found a way to graph asymptotes of a rational function, f(x)/g(x), automatically. It can also detect the holes of a function, which is where any vertical lines "intersect" the function.

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    Ashar Haque

    Dear Flexagontnt, I am really interested how you got the asymptotes automatically. I don't understand why you are doing 0 = g(x). How is this different from g(x) = 0. But this is amazing what you have done :). I would really appreciate it if you can help me understand the logic behind your method.

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