Notes (Text)

You can add plain text to the expression list. These texts will not appear on the graph but anyone who opens the graph will be able to see them. To add a Note, open the Add Item menu and choose Note.

Notes are great for giving directions to students, specifying relevant information, and much more.

Pro-Tip: Typing " at the beginning of the expression line will automatically change it to an Note

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  • 4
    Scott Berger

    How do I add mathematical typesetting to the inside of the note?

  • 0
    Kendra Lockman

    For now, at least, you can't add mathematical typesetting to the inside of a note. It's only plain text.

  • 2
    Scott Berger

    It would be nice to be able to use superscripts/subscripts,Greek letters (pi), degree symbols, ... not sure why Notes are forced to be plaintext-only. Thanks!

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