You can make lists in Desmos using square brackets like this:

You can create lists with evenly spaced elements. [1,...,10] is a list of the integers between 1 and 10. [1,3,...,11] is a list of the odd integers between 1 and 11. Table columns are available as lists in the rest of the system.

You can use lists anywhere in expressions that you would use a number. 


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    Serge Ballif

    Flexagontnt, there are no easy ways to remove an element from a list. However, there is usually a way to accomplish what you want through other methods. I don't know exactly what you are attempting, but the usual method is to create another list and use some sort of algebraic condition to build yet another list. For example, you can create a new list that consists of the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 7th items in your original list. See for some advanced list techniques.

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    Sean Kelleher

    Some of Serge Ballif's (and some other) list techniques wrapped up in functions:


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