You can organize your expression list using Folders. To add a folder to your graph, start by opening the Add Item menu. 


 To add an expression into a folder, click and hold the icon next to the expression and drag the icon into the folder. You'll know that it's inside the folder if a gray line appears next to the expression line.



You can click the arrow next to the folder name to expand/collapse the folder contents and clicking the folder icon will show/hide the contents.



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  • 16

    Is there a way to copy the folders for more convenience? 

  • 2
    Nate Ayers

    Can you have a function in the title of the folder? I have a bunch of shortcuts in the folder related to "b" and I want a "b=" slider for the folder title.

  • 13
    Matthew Krauze )

    Can you place folders inside of folders? For instance, if I want to have a folder for triangles, and I want to separate each individual triangle (and its related tables/functions/etc) into a subfolder within that main folder. Is it possible to create such a setup?

  • 6
    Beth Hentges

    Folder titles and folders within folders would be great!


  • 1
    Rocky Roer

    can you add a keyboard shortcut to adding a folder? Control or command f would be great...


  • 7

    I also think you should be able to copy folders and put folders within folders


  • 1

    I agree, nesting folders, equations/sliders as titles, and copying folders sounds wonderful! 

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