Starting a Desmos Class Activity

To start a class activity on, first make sure you are logged in (check in the top right corner of the page). If you already have a Desmos account for the calculator, you can use that information to log in.

Once you've decided on an activity to begin, you can start a new class by clicking the Create Class Code button on the activity page. This will generate a unique class code.  

When you are ready to start the activity with your students, have your class navigate to and enter the unique class code. We highly recommend that students log in using their accounts when accessing an activity.

To view student responses and work in real time, click on the View Dashboard link. This will auutomatically open the teacher dashboard for that particular session. The class session will remain open indefinitely but students will not be able to access the activity until given the class code. 

Pro-Tip: If you click the three dots next to a teacher dashboard, you'll find a pre-populated link to the activity. Simply add that link to your webpage or LMS for easy student access to the session.



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