Domain and Range Restrictions

To limit the domain or range (x or y values of a graph), you can add the restriction to the end of your equation in curly brackets {}. For example, y=2x{1<x<3} would graph the line y=2x for x values between 1 and 3.


You can also use restrictions on the range of a function and any defined parameter.


It's also possible to add multiple restrictions to the same expression line regardless of what parameter is being restricted.


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    Kevin Yerkes

    Is it possible to restrict multiple segments of an equation so you can leave more than one piece of it? If not, I think it would be very efficient and a great feature to add to desmos. Thanks!

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    allegra brittain

    hi I have the line -300x\sin M+y\cos M\ =\left(\ x\cos M+y\sin M-N\right)^2+V\ \left\{y\le810.00\right\}, that i have restricted y of but I also want to restrict x, however, my line gets deleted every time I try to restrict x as well. How do i restrict it so that it works?

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