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You can choose how much of your axes you wish to see by adjusting their settings in the graph settings menu. Enter in your x and y values under the section titled Graph Paper:


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    Eric Chipko

    How to change the relative scale of the graph such that x is much smaller than y instead of 1:1? I was playing with the graph settings and was able to change the labels and then I was able to change the scales but i don't know what I did.

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    Eric Chipko

    Changing the upper and lower boundaries of x in the graph settings did it, but that creates distortions in the graph line. Just want to have x and y on different scales.

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    That's what I was wondering too..

    I saw someone else do it but they went too fast for me to see how they did it.

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    Evan D Rushton

    @Eric and @Gleblanc, I don't understand your questions. Changing the range of x or y to be different from 1:1 will distort the graph.

    The animated gif above shows how to change the range of each axis as well as the "Step" (which is the distance between major gridlines) of each axis. This functionality can be used to change the scale. For example, if you want a first quadrant graph where the y-axis goes by 1 and the x-axis goes by 100 you can set y to be -0.9 <= y <= 20, Step:1 and x to be -50 <= x <= 2000, Step: 100


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    Malachai Salt

    @Evan D Rushton - there is nothing wrong with changing the scale, and therefore, the aspect ratio of the graph.  In fact, this type of "distortion" is often required for visual clarity. (particularly when analyzing the graph for such things as comparisons of related rates of change)

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    Andy Gonzalez012

    NOTE: Your problem might be easily solved by holding SHIFT while dragging the mouse pointer over the axes.

    For anybody coming to this page after 2 years of being posted. This is the way to do it: 

    Graph your function regularly.

    Click on the wrench (hover-over says Graph Settings)

    Adjust the X,Y-Axes for how you want your data displayed.

    And lastly, modify the Step (IT'S AN EMPTY FIELD ON THE RIGHT)

    Please note: Not using 1:1 ratio on the scale will give you very distorted graphics.

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