Getting Started with Tables of Data


Entering tables is easy depending on what type of data you're looking to enter. To add a blank table, open the Add Item menu and choose Table.

Enter values into the table and use the arrow keys to easily maneuver through the table. You can also copy and paste data from an existing spreadsheet. Desmos will automatically generate a table. Note that the column header titles will not transfer and there is a maximum of 50 rows that are able to be copy and pasted in a table. Copying and pasting more than 50 rows will generate more than one table.

Click and hold the icon in the depending header to open the color, style, and drag menu. For more help on tables, check our our full Tables article.


Pro-Tip: Use Convert to Table to generate tables for expressions, equations and more.


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    Is there any way to create an equation USING A TABLE?  Like conversion from a table to an equation.

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    G mack

    Is there a way to export a table from Desmos back into excel?


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    Lee Trampleasure

    Hi @JJtheJJpro, if you use the ~ sign instead of the = sign, then use x1, y1, etc (the table columns you with to fit an equation to), Desmos will provide the best fit line and equation.

    For example, if your data is in columns x1 and y1, you could write




    Desmos will automatically convert the number after x or y to a subscript. Examples you can see here:


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