Show and Hide Labels and Axes

To show or hide one or both axes, toggle the checkbox next to each individual axis. Add labels for each axis by typing in the "add a label" box. 

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    Kevin Hall

    I can see the gridlines on my computer screen, but they are not dark enough to be visible to students on the SmartBoard. Could there be an option to make them darker (or perhaps, could this be included in the "projector mode" option)?

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    Bernard Gilroy

    I second this. Even in Projector mode, the lines are very light. Also, when the image is copied and pasted to another document, the minor gridlines often cannot be seen in photocopies -- which is quite the problem if you're using this to make tests! :) Perhaps a third viewing option (print) would be useful.

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    Nicholas Patey

    when you paste the screenshot into a word document, double click the image and select "artistic effects" then "photo copy". That option contrasts the black and whites in the image.

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    Stephanie Rogers

    Is there a way to move the labels away from the axes?  I want to leave room for students to create their own scale.

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