Points of Interest (intercepts, intersections, and more!)

If you click a curve or expression, you'll see gray dots appear at interesting points including maximums, minimums, intercepts, and intersections. Click on a gray dot to open the coordinates at that point - click the point again to hide the coordinates.


You can also trace along a function by clicking and dragging along the curve.

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    Good. But I would like more choice in the "points of interest."

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    Petr Doležal

    You can print them but you cannot see them when you export it as an image. And choice of points would be great too: you can do that with table but they will be without coordinates.

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    Devi Walpola

    When I copy paste the image, I need certain points to be labelled. how can I do it then?


    Edited by Devi Walpola
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    I am trying to make a graph that takes 3 points and creates the circumcircle of the points, however, I am not able to get the x and y values for the circumcentre, is there any way I can plug the coordinates to create the circle without having to manually do it each time?

    Here is a link to the graph https://www.desmos.com/calculator/sknjpjtgtp  

    Edited by Anshul
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    mATT C

    I found a points of interest glitch:


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