Export Image of Graph

To export an image of your graph, it's helpful, but not necessary, to be logged in. Exporting images is only currently available on desktop.



Click the Share button. To download an image, select Export Image.



A menu of export options will appear. Once you've selected the optimal output, click Download PNG.



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    Seth Battis

    Y'know, it would be helpful to note, on this page, that you need to be signed in to Desmos (and therefore need to have created a Desmos account, perhaps linked to your Google account) before the share button is available.

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    Although there is a Share Button on the web browser version of Desmos, on the Desmos App on iOS but is missing even when signed in to your Google Account. Please advise?


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    Hi! Is there a way to retain notes when I export the graph as a .png? Every time I export, I lose my labelled coordinates.

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    I have the same problem with the coordinates. Is there a fix for this coming soon?

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    Bernard Gilroy

    Although I see the usual share button and can ask to export, there seems no way to actually do that.  I get a box that says "Right click"... which has no meaning on an iOS device.  It'd be awesome if there was some way to access the usual iOS share menu, including a "save to photos" option.

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    For now, you can create your graph with labeled points, then take a screenshot of it.  It will retain everything you need for your image.  If you need extra thick lines, put it in Projector mode.

    I foresee a fix at some point in the future.....

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    Darren Rodgers

    I agree with everyone on the being able to print and export images with the labels still there. 

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    Raman Ceregatti

    Hi, thanks for all the features, but there is a way to save the image without the grid?

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