Saving Graphs

To save a graph, first make sure you are signed in to your Desmos account.


Save button will appear when savable changes have been made to your graph. Click Save to save the graph to your account. If you would like to Rename and Save your graph, click on the title.

Type the name of your graph and press Save.


You'll be able to see your saved graph by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner.


As you make changes to the graph, the Save button will keep appearing. To save any updates or changes, you will need to keep saving.


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    Fabrice Neyret


    • your graph only exists in the computers at desmos. What is shared mailed or even saved on the google drive is only an image + URL.

    • still, note that you can copy-paste your equations in an editor (e.g. your mailer).

      - In passing, you will then discover that you get... latex maths !  These allows for high-quality printing in documents. e.g. GoogleDoc "insert equation" understand them.

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    Miyana Hughes

    How do I do the same procedure on a phone?

  • 6

    Is it possible to delete a saved graph?
    Or perhaps to organize saved graphs other than by date created?

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    Guadalupe Ramirez

    How do I find my saved graphs?

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    You find it by clicking on the three lines in the up-left corner.

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    is there any way i can check the exact time and date? i need to have this in order to get a grade.


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