Why can't I edit an activity?

While many of our activities allows users to add, delete, and manipulate screens, you will find activities on our site, or shared by others, which cannot be edited. There are three main reasons for this which are outlined below.

First, what we like to call custom activities like Function Carnival, Tile Pile, and Central Park won't be editable since they were built as stand alone activities using custom code. You will notice that these activity pages may look a little different from other activities since they don't have a normal menu.

Secondly, we recently added the ability for users to edit and create activities using Card Sort and Marbleslide components. If you are looking to edit an activity that includes either of these type of screens, you may receive an error message like the one below if you haven't enabled Desmos Labs. To enable editing Card Sort and Marbleslide activities, make sure you are signed in and head over to teacher.desmos.com/labs. Once these are enabled, you will be able to copy and edit activities with these components.

Lastly, you may have noticed that old activities have recently received a well deserved facelift. These activities have been updated using custom programming that allows us to do things like use student answers on upcoming screens or to aggregate all student responses. Unfortunately, this technology isn't ready for primetime just yet which means that any activity which uses our custom programming can't be edited by users. You'll notice that when you go to edit these activities, you'll be unable to do so.


However, we hope to be able to allow users to edit these activities in the future! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at feedback[at]desmos.com.

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    Andrew Peake

    I'm trying to use the Central Park activity today in class. I am unable to pause the screens of all the students. I'm having a hard time discussing as a class due to this inability to pause. Is there a way I can change the settings to allow for pausing?

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    Do edits happen live to activities that you have created?  Do I have to create a new code for my classes for the changed to appear?  I made a small mistake that I would like to fix without having all of my students start over. 

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    Roni Sharabi

    I would like to translate the activity Land the Plane to hebrew. How can I do it?

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