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You can choose how much of your axes you wish to see by adjusting their settings in the graph settings menu. Enter in your x and y values under the section titled Graph Paper:


Click the gray arrow to expand the axis options:

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    William Hicks

    Hi Folks,
    We LOVE your site here at Woodgrove High School. However, my teachers have asked if there is an option to change the gird - basically, make it much darker. We use screen shoots of the functions, and they are very light.

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    Team Desmos

    Hi Keith - we're working on making graphs better for printing, stay tuned!

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    Mr McWhorter

    I use the Desmos calculator A LOT for my online math classes. I love it. However, I wish I could have more control over the appearance of the graph, i.e. darker grid lines, fewer grid lines, larger numbers on axes, etc.

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    Sean Marriott

    Agreed. Adjusting the darkness and the ability to have larger, bolder numbers on axes would be very helpful as they become lighter/smaller when adjusting the size of a screenshot.

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    Beth Hentges

    Also agree.  We need to be able to make the curve thicker/darker/bolder as well as the grid lines.


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    Mark Schlatter

    I don't see the gray arrows next to the x- and y-axis as seen in the second image above. Also, is there a way to add tick marks (especially for minor divisions) without showing the numbers?

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    Michael Fenton

    Mark: We've updated the interface, but haven't (yet) updated our support docs and images. We now have a checkbox for "axis numbers" in the top right corner of that menu.

    As for showing tick marks without numbers, the answer is yes. Just uncheck the "axis numbers" setting I mentioned above.

    Hope this helps!

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    Same request... When I screenshoot my graph and put it in my quiz... it doesn't print well because the grid lines which I need.... don't show up...  Help soon!!  please....


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    Doran Davidson


    Hey buddy! Good to see you in the chat rooms! I'd love to compare notes sometime on how you're using this wonderful program too!

    For all who are having trouble printing so that the gridlines show up well, may I suggest the works way better than a screen shot and the gridlines show up just fine for my tests or other documents where the students will need to see them as well as the axes.

    After creating your graph and choosing an appropriate scale, click on the "Share Graph" link.

    From the menu, click on "Image".

    When the image pops up, right click on the image and select "View Image".

    As a Mac user (not sure how this would work on other operating systems), it asks me with what program I wish to open the file with.  I use the Preview Application.

    When the image opens up in the Preview Application, I use the crop tool to select the very specific part of the graph that I want and "copy" that selection.

    Now go to the document where you want your image, and "paste" it in.  You can also resize it after you paste it.

    After I've created my graph, this process takes me all of about 10 seconds from start to finish and I get excellent quality graphs that display and print on my tests, handouts, and Flipcharts (or other interactive whiteboards).

    Hope this helps everyone out!

    Pattermr...get that NHL team up and running so I can come down for an Oilers game!

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    Tiani Sunada

    To Keith: Projector Mode.

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    Sallie consultancy

    Additionally concur. We should have the capacity to make the bend thicker/darker/bolder and additionally the lattice lines. !!!

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